Dress Down Day Guidelines

These guidelines are not intended to be an exclusive list of permitted or prohibited items of dress, rather a guideline that ensures the safety and orderliness of our school environment even on a “dress down day. The frequency of violations observed may limit the potential number of dress down days in the future.

All clothing:

Must be modest and decent (not displaying any part of the body inappropriately), clean, and neat looking upon entering the school. If questionable, the final decision will be made by an administrator as to whether the clothing is appropriate. No holes, rips, ravels or tears are permitted in any garment (including jeans).

No undergarments may show at any time. No obscene, suggestive, or disrespectful slogans/graphics are permitted. Clothing that supports, suggests or endorses the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual activity, death, or violence is prohibited. 

May not be dangerous, hazardous, distracting, or disruptive to the wearer or other students, to include all jewelry and accessories.
No chains, straps, safety pins, or metal fastener of any type that could potentially be dangerous to the wearer or other students may be worn. 


Shirts, blouses, sweaters, and other top garments:

  • Must be long enough to not show any skin or undergarments in the waist area, whether sitting or standing.
  • Must have sleeves (includes dresses).
  • May not show any cleavage (includes dresses)

Pants, slacks, shorts, skirts, dresses, and other lower garments:

  • Must be at least knee-length.
  • Must be free of writing across the seat of the pants.
  • Must be worn at the waistline. If pants are sagging, staff will ask the student to tuck in the shirt and wear a belt, and the shirt must remain tucked in with a belt worn the remainder of the day.
  • Pajama pants or apparel that gives the appearance of sleepwear is not permitted.
  • Leggings, Tights or Yoga style pants are permitted only when worn under a dress or long shirt at knee length.
  • Hoodies and hooded jackets are not permitted under any circumstances. No outerwear will be permitted.


Accessories and Shoes

  • Hats, bandanas, and sunglasses are not permitted. Hair restraint will be minimal and basic. Combs or picks may not be worn in the hair.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. House slippers, pajama slippers, flip-flops or slip-ons are not permitted. Sandals must have secured strap at the back of the heel.
  • All accessories worn must meet the criteria specified in the Clark-Moores standardized dress code.


Exceptions to the Dress Code

  1. If a staff member is conducting a special class/activity that requires attire different from the above-mentioned regulations or seeks recognition for a school-sponsored activity, the staff member will seek prior approval from the administration. Students will be given advance notice about the activity and the permissible clothing type.
  2. Attire for Physical Education will be determined by the Physical Education Teacher.
  3. Athletic attire may be worn only on game or competition days and will be determined by the coach and approved by the administration.